LSA's Free-Space Optics (FSO) Products

Unlimited Possibilities with Optical Wireless Technology

Optical wireless technology (free-space optics or FSO) uses light to provide wireless, through-the-air communications. It's based on the same techniques that allow communications through a fiber-optic cable-except in optical wireless, you don't need a fiber optic cable. Today's Optical Wireless technology ushers in a new era of high-data rate communications-voice, video, and computer data simultaneously transmitted from one location to another.

LSA has taken Optical Wireless technology to the next level by combining state-of-the-art laser technology, telecommunication-oriented reliability and real-world performance features. By sending information through the air, optical wireless affords capacity that compares to fiber and enables fast deployment of broadband services between multiple buildings, allowing end users to benefit from reduced time of installation, lower costs and less disruption of metropolitan streets.

LSA's SupraConnect" optical wireless communication systems provide layer-one high-bandwidth wireless access for Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN). Our Systems provide line-of-sight connectivity for situations that would be impractical or overly expensive for other forms of communication links. Just like fiber optic cable, LSA's SupraConnect" system allows transmission of Ethernet data, video, voice over IP, multiplexed data or Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

We made the SupraConnect" systems easy to integrate with your telecommunications equipment. The systems come with all the necessary equipment to establish a high-speed, full-duplex link between two locations. No software installation or configuration is necessary to establish, operate, or maintain the link. A communication link is established using two transceivers mounted on rooftops or through windows to provide a direct line-of-sight connection. Each transceiver has a fiber optic data connector and a custom power connector. Your data signal originates from a convenient location in your building and is routed to the transceiver via fiber optic cable. This eliminates network distance limitations as well as protects your network equipment form lightning and EMI surges. Your data signal can be converted to a fiber optic signal, using commercially available media converters.

Our high-performance laser communication systems have the ability to provide building-to-building, point-to-point connections up to a distance of 4.5 km. We offer three systems that are capable of full duplex transmission data rates from 1 to 155 Mega bits per second (Mbps). This includes our low cost short range connection.

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