SupraConnect™ used in Exercise Combined Endeavor 2005

Strong endeavors

MIHAIL KOGALNICEANU AIRFIELD, Romania — U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Ian Hoagland, right, talks with Romanian Air Force Pvt. Ciprian Bistieru about setting up a laser module that will be used for high-speed voice and data transmission here May 13. During exercise Combined Endeavor 2005, Airmen with the 1st Combat Communications Squadron from Ramstein Air Base, Germany, prepared communication equipment to test the interoperability of command, control, communications and computer systems among 1,200 service members and civilians from more than 43 countries. The Airmen successfully completed more than 1,400 tests. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. John Lasky.  Information provided from Air Force Link website).   For more information,  please click on the Air Force Link Website at the bottom of the page.

LSA's SupraConnect™ was mentioned in an article published by Military Information Technology Magazine on April 24, 2005 in Volume: 9 Issue: 3,  in conclusion of Combined Endeavor 2005 military communications and information systems exercise.  The name of the article is " International Communications Exercise Test C4 Interoperability",  by Harrison Donnelly which said,  "A recent laser module demonstration, using LSA Photonics S1552XR equipment, worked flawlessly and revealed multiple advantages." You may download the complete article from Military Information Technology Magazine Article here.

Theater Deployable Communications (TDC) incorporates a state-of-the-art ground-to-ground communications system designed to transmit and receive voice, data and video communications securely to or from wireless, satellite or hard-wired sources.  The system is made up of  multiple communication devices including microwave and LSA's SupraConnect™ 155 Free Space Optical (FSO) Transceiver.  This makes the system both mobile and modular, allowing the Air Force the flexibility to tailor the system to its specific needs and to transport the system anywhere in the world for military operations, while drastically reducing the communication problems typically associated with airlift and manpower.