Sophisticated Design and Analysis Capabilities

LSA Solutions specialties include acquisition and systems management support, systems engineering management, systems integration, information technology solutions and communications systems, warfare systems analyses and production support. Our analysts and managers have world-class expertise in cost analysis, technology assessment, trade studies and business process re-engineering for activities at the leading edge of sensor and information technology. LSA's combination of capabilities makes LSA uniquely qualified to address a wide range of engineering activities from component and subsystem design and analysis to full-scale system modeling and integration. LSA excels in reducing the risk, controlling cost, and enhancing operational utility during the transition form R&D to production.

LSA Photonics can provide your business with sophisticated design and analysis capabilities. Our staff of seasoned professionals and state-of-the-art computer aided engineering software can provide comprehensive capabilities for custom electronic design, analysis, development, and prototyping. Our experience includes considerable work with high-speed digital communications, electro-optics, optical and mechanical design.


LSA Photonics has comprehensive capabilities for custom electronics design, analysis, development, and prototyping. Our Engineering staff uses OrCAD® software with capabilities for the design of analog and digital circuits, printed circuit boards, and hybrid circuits. We can provide support for most applications from concept through prototyping and testing.


We specialize in the use of nematic liquid crystals for phase modulators, polarization rotators, shutters, adaptive optics, and application-specific spatial light modulators. We integrate our devices in custom housings and provide special-purpose control electronics. We can also integrate other liquid-crystal technologies when performance specifications require it. We have built components for a variety of stringent operational environments and for a range of wavelengths from the visible to the middle infrared wavebands.

LSA Photonics designs and assembles custom electro-optical devices and integrated assemblies. These include diode-laser systems, high-speed detectors, and liquid-crystal devices. We emphasize applications requiring wideband signaling and precision alignment. Because of our capabilities in optics, electronics, and packaging, we are able to provide you with a complete turnkey solution to your electro-optic requirements. An enabling capability that allows us to meet the demands of many stressing applications is our custom liquid-crystal fabrication.


Zemax® software is used by our optical design team for analysis of lens design, physical optics and non-sequential illumination/stray light. Our optical designs cover the visible through middle-infrared wavebands.

We have considerable experience with coherent and incoherent optical systems as well as imaging and non-imaging systems. Our design and analysis tools allow us to interface directly with single-point tooling systems for custom-designed elements. Seamless interfacing with our solid modeling system and finite-element analyses permits complete modeling of your system's performance, regardless of the operational environment.


Pro/ENGINEER® software is used by our Mechanical Design Team with the capabilities that allow complex assemblies to be drawn quickly. Interferences of machined parts can easily be examined by electronically simulating the assembly of the piece parts. The solid-model design can then be optimized by performing a complete finite-element analysis for structural, dynamic, and thermal limitations. Once all the characteristics of the design are completely explored, the 3-dimensional part can be readily turned into a scale, production drawing or an electronic format that is directly supported by fabrication equipment.

For more information on LSA's Services, Technologies or LSA's SupraConnect™ Systems, fill out our online form or contact us at (610) 363-5808.

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