LSA's Unique Technologies
... At A Glance

LSA conducts innovative R&D and develops system hardware for optical, sensor, and communications applications. LSA’s staff of engineers and scientists includes experts in photonics, optical, electro-optical, electronic, mechanical, and integrated systems design.

Laser Communications »

LSA designs and manufactures the commercial family of SupraConnect™ free-space optical (FSO) devices for the communications industry and the Department of Defense. In addition, LSA develops FSO solutions for man-on-the-ground, vehicle, ship, indoor, and space-based applications.

Night Vision Systems »

LSA has applied its expertise to develop numerous night vision applications for the defense industry.

Novel Optical Systems »

LSA develops innovative optical systems and technologies for many uses, including liquid crystals, free-space lasers, holographic storage, optical processing and computing, spatial-light modulators, laser radar, and adaptive optics.

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